About Alumini

Alumni Committee
Coordinator  -  Dr. Jitendra Mishra
Member  -  Shri Jitendra Yadav
Member  -  Shri Gupteshwar Sahu
Member  -  Shri Rohan Agrawal
The Alumni Association of Government GNA PG College Bhatapara has been constituted as a society under the society registration act 1973, in Balodabazar-Bhatapara District with registration number 122202010153, dated 20/02/2020.
1. To keep a list of all alumni of college and their social status.
2.  To maintain updated and current information of all alumni.
3. To maintain a healthy relationship among the alumni themselves.
4.  To promote a comfortable atmosphere between alumni and college management.
5.  To assist and support the efforts of college in obtaining funds for development
6. To guide and assist alumni who have recently completed their course of study at the college and        help them to make their mindset to help the society.
7. To provide a platform to the alumni for exchange of ideas on academic cultural and social issues of  present scenario by organising reunion activities of the alumni.
Alumni of The College - -
The Alumni   of the college could be found in every part of the country. With a huge history of 57 years, college has a very long list of distinguished alumni. The list is as follows--
1. Dr Nisha Sharma (Ex- Incharge Principal Of Our College)
2. Shri Narendra Sharma (EX-MLA Of Bhatapara)
3. Shri Shivratan Sharma (Present MLA, BHATAPARA, EX President of Mineral development         corporations of Chhattisgarh state)
5. Shri D.R. Wadhwani (Former JointDirector, UDYOG BHAWAN, RAIPUR)
7. Dr. Shalabh Tiwari (EX Principal PGCOLLEGE)
8. Shri Anant Narayan Dixit (EX Principalat PG COLLEGE)
9.  Shri G.D.Tolani (Assistant Professor at Govt Naveen College, Bhatagaon, Raipur)
10. Dr N.K.Verma (EX Promoted Professor At our College)
11. Shri Chandra Mohan Sharma (Professor)
12. Shri T.K. Shukla (Professor)
13. Smt Sunita Tiwari (Lab Technician  our College)
14. Smt Abhilasha Inderwar ( Principal, Govt Higher sec School, Bangoli, Kharora)
15.  Shri Chitrakant Dhruv (District Food Officer,DIST-BALODABAZAR-BHATAPARA
16. Shri Anand Sharma (General manager,Ambuja Cement, Rawan)
17. Shri Ajay Gupta (Chartered Accountant at Bhatapara.)
18.  Shri Adarsh Jain (Chartered Accountant at Bhatapara.)
19. Smt Pallavi Daga (Chartered Accountant at PUNE.)
20. Shri Santosh Sachdeo (Chartered Accountant at BHATAPARA)
21. Shri Ajay Sharma (Working in Century Cement, Baikunth)
22. Shri Gupteshwar Sahu (Working as Assistant Professor in Govt. G.N.A.PG. college, Bhatapara)
23. Shri Rohan Agrawal (Working as Assistant Professor in Govt. G.N.A.PG. college Bhatapara)
24. Smt Monika Jain (Lecturer at Govt Polytechnic College, Bhatapara)
25. Shri Vijay Dhruv (Advocate)
26. Shri Ramesh Yadu (EX Vice President Mandi, Bhatapara)
27.  Shri Suresh Yadu (Head Master, Middle School, Bhatapara)
28.  Smt Shashi Yadu (Principal, Govt Nagar-palika Girls school, Bhatapara)
29. Smt Shyama Yadu (Head Mistress, Govt School, Raigarh)
30. Smt Kamla Yadu (Head Mistress, Govt School,Hathnipara, Bhatapara
31. Shri Rajendra Yadu (Principal, Navoday School, DONGARGARH)
32.  Shri Suresh Verma (Lecturer- LB)
33.  Shri Dinesh Verma (Lecturer - LB)
34. Shri Narendra Yadu (EX Parshad,Bhatapara)
35. Shri Kamlesh Yadav (Assistant Teacher -Nipaniya, Bhatapara)
36. Harishankar Sahu (Lecturer at Vivekanand Higher Secondary school Kota, Raipur)
37.  Smt Lekhin Verma (Lecturer at Govt Dau poshan Lal Chandravanshi Higher sec school,Dharsiwa)
38. Shri Sharad Pansari (Sports Teacher at Govt school,Tarenga,Bhatapara)
39. Shri Alok Gupta (Sports Teacher at Govt school,Mopka, Bhatapara)
40.  Shri Sharad Deulkar (Lecturer, Govt School Kumarkhan,Bhatapara)