Department at a Glance


Biotechnology is regarded as the greatest intellectual enterprise of human kind and for meeting its basic requirements of food, health, nutrition, ecological and livelihood security. World has witnessed phenomenal progress in this field specially after the unraveling of the double helix structure of DNA by Watson & Crick. For research and development and application of Biotechnology which is knowledge and capital intensive, skilled human resource is critical.


Translating the action, the Department has made conscious efforts to fulfill the vision, following mission have been incepted. As a primary mission we have undertaken to popularize the subject among common stakeholders by providing the scientific input concerned with need, prospects and applicability.

Our next step mission is to develop skilled human resource by both theoretical and intense hands on training programme to meet the need of R&D, Industry and Society. Under this mission one research based internal project in each semester and one external project during the two years course are effective tool beside large number participation of students in the programme of Biotech Consortium India Limited training programme.